Smell The Roses

The past week has been one of those weeks. My mother had a serious turn and is in hospital but is now recovering well.

Thus the lack of posts. I have to say I have been enjoying being around the house for a change this weekend and am enjoying how spectacular the roses are this season, thanks to the rain.

In between writing a few paragraphs for a magazine story in the early hours (before anyone else stirs) I have been popping out to pick some more blooms to enjoy.
My favourites are my climbing Pierre de Ronsard, which has mint green petals with hot pink tips, Julia’s Rose which is the most delicate cafe latte colour, and Stainless Steel, a pale grey mauve rose the size of a side plate.
The orange blooms are “Ian Thorpe” named after the famous swimmer. I love them because they are orange, definitely not peach.