Living on the iPad

I got an iPad for Christmas.

(It is an amazing thing for a girl who is a confirmed mac-aholic.) Just about the best thing I have seen lately for the iPad are the Martha Stewart Living iPad Apps – a special launch issue that came out in November, called Boundless Beauty and the February MSL issue with ice cream and dripping chocolate sauce on the cover!
Coinciding with the 20 year anniversary of the Martha Stewart Living title, the stories on Boundless Beauty combine live action, animation and stills in a way that really engages you.
I loved the “Project Decorate” where two designers decorate identical rooms in different ways.

The story shot in Martha’s summer house at Seal Harbour, Maine, made me want to be extra nosey and see lots more.
This could be the way magazines are heading and as a magazine girl, I can’t wait to make my own magazine stories into Apps. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes on a house shoot it would be great to capture it. I think some of the best moments on a shoot are when I am interviewing the home owner or designer or just walking around their house with them, chatting.

If you haven’t got an iPad find a friend who does and download the Martha apps. If you like shelter magazines this is really something to see!