Which White Paint?

I had an email from a follower in South Australia who wants to paint her house but can’t find the right shade of white.

Some are too yellow, some are too grey and cold.
If you have been reading my blog you will know that I have some very strong views on white.
I can’t live with creamy whites – to me they look dated. But I once painted a house interior in grey white and it irked me every day.
The best white is a white-white and I recommend shades such as Dulux “White On White” or “Whisper White”. This lovely all-white painted house in Brisbane I wrote about in the Australian Womens Weekly (Feb 2011), was painted White On White inside and out. It looks great in the photos and even better in real life. Don’t be afraid to paint the woodwork the same shade, just choose a different finish from the flat walls such as satin or semi gloss.
The only other white I have seen recently that I like is on this beach house a few doors up from my beach cottages at Currarong. For an up-to-date look I love this white teamed with a pale grey. Very chic and understated and I wish I had thought of that combination every time I drive by.
For this look I would try Dulux “Lexicon” white – its white but not too cold. If I catch the owners I will ask them what colours they actually used.
What is your favourite white paint?