Kit Kemp's London Town House

Coincidentally, the couple responsible for the Firmdale Hotels in my last post, feature in the latest Elle Decor.

Kit and Tim Kemp own the new Crosby Street Hotel in New York as well as the Haymarket Hotel, Soho Hotel etc in London and this is their own house near Hyde Park. That’s them on the scooter in front of their gorgeous front door.

The striped rug in the loft, the wing chairs at the dining table and the bold prints used to upholster sofas are stand-out details. The wing chair upholstered in french tea towels in the kitchen is quirky and I just love it.

They moved the kitchen (which is usually in the basement in these types of houses) up into one of the best rooms in the house which has proved a great success as Kit is a keen cook.

I am also taking note of this comment from the article where she describes an guest bedroom she had papered and upholstered in a black toile: “Everybody sleeps well in there,” Kit says. “They feel secure and tucked up. I think that’s important in a bedroom.”

The exuberance of Kit Kemp’s approach to decorating is catching and I am looking forward to staying in one of her hotel bedrooms soon!