David Carter and 40 Winks

London stylist and interior designer David Carter packs a lot of umph into a room.

Looking around at virtual London getting ideas for my trip, he is one of the more interesting entries on the Wallpaper Magazine iphone app guide to London.
His house, called 40 Winks, is first on their list of cool places to stay. Yes, this modest brick terrace in London’s east belies its grand interior. He rents out two of the bedrooms for short stays and also conducts “Bedtime Story” book reading events, with the likes of Helena Bonham Carter showing up in her PJs to read aloud.
David’s painted finishes are what he is most well known for – this is one decorative device I must admit I have not thought much about since the early 90s. I find his work more like a film set in their attention to detail and theatrical gestures. Magazines like the wonderfully British World of Interiors love his whimsical work which is a pretty good endorsement.