House in Kangaroo Valley

This month I have a story in House & Garden Magazine about a property belonging to the Johnson family. The story is a little more special than usual as my husband designed the house.

The property, Binya Hill, is set in the most stunning spot in the northern reaches of Kangaroo Valley – just under 2 hours south of Sydney. There locality is called Barrengarry nestled just below Barrengarry Mountain which is the mountain that leads up to Fitzroy Falls and the Southern Highlands.
Rob designed most of the rooms to face the view and the sunny northern aspect. There is a brick gallery which runs like a spine linking all these rooms with the rooms at rear which is where the Johnsons hang artworks and photos.
The rooms facing south are mostly utility rooms like the laundry and garage.
I have included some more shots I thought were worth seeing as the magazine never has the room to show you every angle!