White Floors – Two Years On

The kitchen at Seafarers Cottage 2

A reader who remembered a post I did nearly two years ago about white-washed floor boards asked me for a wear-and-tear update.

The recipe: This was a new but straight forward one that I have been experimenting with – slightly diluted white paving paint. This gives you hardy coverage but lets the wood grain show through.

Well, I have to say, there is probably no better test than at a holiday-rented beach house! That’s where we experimented with diluted white paving paint.

The verdict is…. not too bad! It looks a bit scuffed here and there which is OK if you like that look. I think it is fine in a beach house but if you are into perfect surfaces then this is not the look for you.

One good point is that it is easy to touch up if there is a spot that has a scratch or has lots of traffic. You do have to get down and scrub kitchen spills but the same would go for many surfaces.

Does any one else have good white floor tips?