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This TN-Nspire Maths Platform has easy to use computer features. It can be done to use multiple representations of your problem, individually or together on a single screen. The TI-Nspire Maths ICT Platform includes: Dynamic geometry, Data and statistics, Lists and Spreadsheets, and East transfer of files to software on PC. It is good to use in Secondary Education (KS 3 upwards) and beyond. Every student learns differently: Some quickly understand equations, other tables, some others graphics. TI-Nspire™ CAS Math and Science Learning Technology responds to each and every individual learning behavior and need.

Product Features: TI-Nspire TM CAS technology causes it to be possible to identify, simplify, and calculate mathematical expressions, the preservation from the symbols and expressions, including variables for example e and? This capability to enter and equations and expressions on the screen as it may seem in text books to become particularly useful in a very step-by-step, arithmetic, algebra and calculus calculations. Teachers have the option to add CAS inside their lessons, with TI-Nspire CAS technology, designed to assist students is to: Learn to fix equations step-by-step while avoiding common arithmetic errors. Spend added time on certain mathematical topics in algebra calculus. Factor and expand expressions and solve common denominator. See patterns and grasp the mathematics behind the formulas. Find a common denominator